• Welcome 2021!

    Throughout the year, regardless of our many challenges, we wish to take the time to count our many, many blessings. We feel immense gratitude to the Universe for allowing us to survive this year intact, for having a warm roof over our heads, a wonderful garden and food in abundance, and loving friends and family even though we were not able to see them in person.
  • An Interview with Greybeard and Dawn, Tree Of Life Designs

    By far the most rewarding aspect for me has been the people I’ve met. The connections that we have made and continue to make, make the long hours in the shop and every little sacrifice worthwhile. The feedback that we receive heartens us to continue. The feeling that I get when someone picks up one of my flutes and their face lights up is just magical, incredibly humbling and extremely rewarding.
  • Care and Feeding of your Native Style Flutes

    Care and Feeding of your Native Style Flutes Flute care is one of those subjects that, for everyone that you ask, you may likely get a different opinion.
  • Blessings Of The Season, from Tree Of Life!

    At this time of rest, relaxation, and holiday merriment, Tree Of Life Designs would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays, Blessed Yule, and Merry Christmas!
  • Tree Of Life Workshop News!

    I am happy to report that, finally, time has come to set up a proper woodworking shop and to refocus my energies on the numerous projects and ideas that I have been sitting on.

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