Special Flutes and Fun Photos of Musical Creations

Chacate Preto with brass inlay

Eastern Red Cedar, Maple, Purpleheart

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Red Flame Boxelder

Bocote with Copper Rings

Bamboo with Galaxy Pattern

Walnut, Pine, Turquoise

Chacate Preto wood

Cedar with Turquoise

Flute Array

Assorted festival flutes

Lathe work

Flute creation

Ancient 50,000 year-old Kauri Wood

Wooden Bowls by Greybeard

Festival Of Legends fun, Apex, NC

Greybeard in the Viking Village, Starlight Mead

Cedar Birdheads in process

Special Creation, Walnut key of Dm

Classic Western Red Cedar

Sassafras with Rattlesnake skin, Limited Edition

Legal imprint