Hello friends of Tree Of Life! Whew…2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, while at the same time being the longest year of our lives. This has been a particularly challenging one personally, for multiple reasons, including illness and injury at the beginning of the year. Every one of us have been stressed to some degree, some of us have had some loss and lack, and all of the events of this year have taken their toll on our mental and physical health. I’m sure that we are all extremely thankful that this year is coming to a swift close, and have hope for better and brighter days in 2021!  

Throughout the year, regardless of our many challenges, we wish to take the time to count our many, many blessings. We feel immense gratitude to the Universe for allowing us to survive this year intact, for having a warm roof over our heads, a wonderful garden and food in abundance, and loving friends and family even though we were not able to see them in person. We are especially grateful to all of YOU, our loyal friends and customers, for contributing to our joy and abundance. The reason we are still able to do what we do is because of your continued support and love for both of us and our shops, and the lovely things we create and sell. We cannot do it without your kindness, patience, and understanding!  

We are really looking forward to this coming year, we have so many ideas for flutes and other products, smudging/saining items, and collaborations with other amazing and talented folks, for even more creative beauty to enhance your music and home! Please keep an eye out for new additions to our shops, as well as be sure to hit LIKE on our Facebook pages, Tree Of Life Designs, Tree Of Life Apothecary, and Greybeards Wand Shop!  

The holiday season is over, and the long second half of winter has just begun. Let us all take the time for quiet introspection, self-care, and extending a helping hand to others if needed. Our wish for 2021 is continued abundance in our lives and yours as well, but also MORE of the following higher vibrational thoughts of kindness, joy, compassion, healing, balance, generosity, giving, charity, and of course, LOVE! Keep continuing to add beautiful music and laughter to the world, and Thank You for allowing Tree Of Life to be a part of your musical and healing journey!  

Brightest Blessings for the New Year, Ed and Dawn Dougherty, Tree Of Life Designs