In our previous newsletter we’ve mentioned our move to our new, old, home in rural, central NC. To date we have been focusing our efforts first on settling in, and then on clearing and cleaning the grounds and establishing our garden spaces. We have made tremendous progress on that front surprising ourselves with what we have been able to accomplish. Thankfully, we have reached the point where the heavy work is done. For the rest of this year we will be in maintenance mode which will keep us busy enough. On the business side, I am happy to report that, finally, time has come to set up a proper woodworking shop and to refocus my energies on the numerous projects and ideas that I have been sitting on. For the new shop space I found a 12x24 manufactured building secondhand and at a great price. We had it delivered to it’s new site on our property and have power run to it. In my spare time, whatever that is, I’ve been wiring and insulating. Currently we are in the process of adding on to it.

Our plan is to extend the roof 8’ to each side and 4’ to the front. On the left side will be an 8x8’ enclosed addition that will house a dust collection system, air compressor and some heavy duty shelves for wood storage. On the right, will have an enclosed 8x16’ space that will serve as my “clean room” for finishing, tuning, tool sharpening and fine work. The additional roofed space will be used for “dirty work” and outdoor storage. The main 12x24’ area will house the majority of my woodworking equipment including lathes, saws and the like. Each station will have a dust collection port to keep things clean and safe. That will give me just under 500 sq. feet of indoor shop space in addition to the outdoor work space. I love to work out in the open when practical. This will be a huge improvement over my previous, cramped 10x16’ shop.

It has taken longer than planned to get to this point and I am getting quite “fired up” to get back to my crafting. For those that have been waiting patiently, your project is important to me and I haven’t forgotten. I am sorry that it has taken so long and trust that the extra time and vastly improved workspace will only add to the outcome, not to mention my increased appetite to create beautiful, hand crafted, wooden objects and instruments. Your projects are foremost in my plans and will soon become reality

It doesn’t look like much yet, but here’s a couple, in progress pics of the new shop. The storage pod in front safely houses the majority of my tools, equipment and supplies. I look forward to taking you on a tour, virtually or in person, of the new Tree of Life workshop so please stay tuned…

In sawdust and song, Ed “Greybeard” Dougherty