Padded Flute and Accessory Bags OOAK


An assortment of long, padded, zipper flute cases, just right for most mid-range size flutes. The 27" size can hold one to three high key, or mid-range flutes depending upon the size of the flutes and the blocks. The 30" size can hold one to two mid-range or lower flutes depending upon the size of the flutes and the blocks. These nice, long bags are also great for most anything, including rhythm shakers, drum sticks, shiny rocks, shells, and sticks while hiking and collecting, magic wands and other wizardly magical accoutrements! ;) Only you can decide how you want to use these lovely bags! *

The bags are all handmade in the USA by a friend of ours and are either 27 inches or 30 inches, width around 5 inches. The bags also have an adjustable shoulder strap as shown in the photos. The interior fabric pattern is different in each bag, please choose on the basis of the exterior fabric. These are made of high quality upholstery fabric and padding, and will stand the most rigorous use. Perfect for gigging or hiking, when you do not want or need a larger, heavier hard case. Choose your favorite after looking at the numbered photos, if your choice is not there in the dropdown box, that means it is already sold, please choose another. If you have specific flutes in mind to use with these bags, please measure your flutes ahead of time, to ensure they will work for you. These are one-of-a-kind, when they are gone, they are gone!

*Flute and the handsome Greybeard in the photos are props only. The three photos at the bottom are only to show the construction of the bags, these particular bags are already sold. Please choose based on the first four photos. You will receive ONE flute bag only per order.

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