Dan Moi Vietnamese Mouth Harp


Similar sounding to a jaw harp/Jews harp, these will not rattle the teeth but are played against the lips. To create different sounds adjust your lip embouchure, as well as your breath. from Wikipedia: "Đàn môi ((in Vietnamese): Đàn môi, "lip lute") is the Vietnamese name of a traditional musical instrument widely used in minority ethnic groups in Vietnam. This instrument is somewhat similar to the jaw harp but there are some differences. Most Đàn môi are crafted out of a single piece of brass and attached with a string to a decorated bamboo case. Rather than being played against the teeth, like a jaw harp, the dan moi is played against the lips. This gives much more flexibility to player, leaving them freer to shape their oral cavity as a resonance chamber to amplify the instrument. Đàn môi are a traditional musical instrument of the Hmong people."

These Dan Mois are 4'1/2 inches long tube, and the Dan Moi itself is 4 inches. These are natural brass, so have the natural brass look. The Baby Dan Moi is 2 inches long and is attached to a cord for wearing around the neck if preferred. The third photo is of the Baby Dan Moi. Please select from the dropdown box if you prefer just the regular harp or the harp with the smaller one for only $4 extra!

There are many YouTube videos of Dan Moi and many creative ways to play one. These are so much fun, and I try to keep one with me when I'm out and about, as impromptu Dan Moi performances have ensued! Sound clip of Dan Moi sold by Tree Of Life https://soundcloud.com/reeoflife/dan-moi-mouth-harp

Let us surprise you, please! Colors will be selected at random depending on current availability. You will receive one Dan Moi Vietnamese Mouth Harp, unless Dan Moi & Baby DM was selected. Photos may or may not be of the ones in stock at this actual moment, but are representative of the Dan Moi you will receive. I'm sure you will be happy with our choices for you!

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