Bamboo Transverse Flute, "Mystic Minor" Key of E minor from Tree of Life Designs

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A really long, mellow, meditative, and lovely, 4-hole bamboo "Mystic Minor" transverse (side blown) flute in the key of E minor. This 39 inch long flute sports rainbow bindings of waxed "sinew" with an inlaid top end of selenite crystal and brass. The bamboo was hand harvested, cured, and processed by me. This may not be a flute for a beginner transverse flute player, as the length could be challenging. There is a photo of my 75 pound black lab, Smokey Bear, with the flute for size reference. The sound clip below is basic, but someone experienced with this flute should be able to reach a couple octaves easily, as well as a third octave. This lovely and striking looking flute will be a head turner when playing, reminiscent of the old TV show Kung Fu, and David Carradine's big bamboo flute. The sound is low, emotive, evocative, haunting, and deliciously moody. The flute comes provided with a hand sewn fleece draw string bag for storage and protection.

Sound clip for this beautiful flute:

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*All Tree of Life Flutes are electronically tuned for accuracy and finished with environmentally safe natural oil and wax finishes for your safety as well as mine. Each flute is individually voiced for strength and quality of the sound as well as playability. They feature a modest back pressure, play well softly but especially love to be pushed. Each flute I make comes with my concern for your satisfaction in mind. Each is line bored from a premium solid wood blank, not split, and finished with natural oils for my protection as well as yours. My workmanship and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

**Disclaimer: Some of the flutes that I make are Native American in Style only. My products are not Native made, I am not and make no claims to any Native heritage or Tribal affiliation.

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