Native American Style Flute, English Brown Oak Key of F# from Tree of Life Designs


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Native style, six hole flute in the key of F Sharp minor. Hand crafted from a solid blank of beautiful and highly figured English brown oak, capped with ancient bog oak, and highlighted with rings of yellow heart. It is finished with many coats of a hand rubbed, natural oil and wax finish. The stylized claw shaped block is crafted of ancient bog oak, with a yellowheart core, and sits atop an inlaid bog oak nest. It also features my signature hand burned morning star with inlaid abalone center. The block is secured with laces of tan and black deer hide. The bog oak used in this flute is ancient bog oak trees from the bogs of England "Many thousands of years ago the East Anglia fenland basin was very densely forested by gigantic oak trees. Approximately 7000 years ago a rise in sea level relative to land level caused the rivers to back up and flood the fens, consequently the trees died standing and then fell into the silt of the forest floor and many have been preserved under anaerobic conditions until now." Adamson & Low, Cabinet Makers

This lovely flute has a warm, inviting character, very responsive and bright. This oak is an excellent tone wood and has a clear voice that projects well. The overall length is 22-1/2" with a 7/8" bore. The flute comes provided with a hand sewn fleece draw string bag for storage and protection. All flutes are shipped Priority Mail with signature required and insurance.

Soundclip for this beautiful flute:

*All Tree of Life Flutes are electronically tuned for accuracy. Each is individually voiced for strength and quality of the sound as well as playability. They feature a modest back pressure, play well softly but especially love to be pushed. Each flute I make comes with my concern for your satisfaction in mind. Each is line bored from a solid blank, not split, and finished with natural oils My workmanship and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

**Disclaimer: Some of the flutes that I make are Native American in Style only. My products are NOT NATIVE MADE, I am not and make no claims to any Native heritage or Tribal affiliation.

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